Thursday, May 16, 2013

Peach Charlotte

You already know I have a thing for fruity desserts, but this one is the easiest ever. Really. Charlotte is one of the desserts I have loved when I was a kid, and today I still like it even though the real reason we eat a lot of Charlotte lately is my sister, who is obsessed with it.

Charlotte is the ultimate summer dessert; light, fruity, packed with flavor and doesn't require baking. I have to warn you however, this recipe is not the original Charlotte recipe. This one is my version of it. I know how a Charlotte looks and tastes like, but believe me – this one is much easier to do and tastes just like any other.

You need:
12 ladyfingers
2 cans peach halves in juice
2 cups heavy cream
8 table spoons sugar
1 tea spoon vanilla

First, drain the peach halves and cut them into chunks. Then put the peach chunks in a blender and mix them until smooth (or if you wish, a bit chunky). Beat the heavy cream together with the sugar and vanilla until soft peaks start to form and set five table spoons aside. Combine the rest of the cream with the peach mixture. Mix well and set aside. Prepare small glass bowls and start making your Charlotte; put three table spoons of the peach mixture in the bowl. Then stand four ladyfingers upright around side of the bowl. Put the remaining heavy cream on top. Let cool.

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  1. Lep pozdrav Maja :o),
    hvala,ker slediš mojemu blogu.No,jaz tudi sledim tvojemu pa se bova tako brali :)...
    Tvoji recepti so mi res všeč,ker so preprosti in hitri.
    Želim ti dobro delo naprej :)...


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