Meet The Cake Babe

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a cook with my own restaurant or a bakery. Turns out I graduated from college and these childish plans didn't come true. However, I still enjoy cooking and baking more than anything. It just relaxes me and others benefit from it too!

I have a major sweet tooth and I never say no to dessert. I spend lots of money on baking supplies and can't get enough cooking books. I am also a passionate runner who runs for fun (and to burn off the ginormous muffin consumed last night during a movie marathon) and I am obsessed with my English Bulldog Flora, or as I like to call her- Peanut. 

On this site you'll find delicious, easy to do recipes from my kitchen. Note that I don't include calories in my recipes because this is not a dieting blog, but a I-feel-good-after-making-this blog. And counting every single calorie in a meal makes me feel sick. 

So just grab a whisk and bake something!