Friday, February 15, 2013

Rice Souffle

Don't let the fancy name of this dish fool you! It is not one of those recipes, that make you frustrated because it doesn't turn out as perfect as in the picture.

We make this souffle almost every two weeks because it has tradition in our house. I am not quite sure of the origin, it is certainly not a Slovene dish. It might be Hungarian  but I haven't really checked. 

My grandma used to make this souffle when I was a kid and I loved it. Every child loves sweet, baked rice with sprinkled sugar on top, right? This recipe is really easy and fun to do because you can add fruit or chocolate or whatever you like. The Nutella freak I am, I like to add some on top.

It is important that this souffle is puffy and eaten hot. Rice Souffle can be eaten for dinner, lunch or dessert. Whatever suits you. While I think it is more of a dessert, my mom argues with me that it is a full dinner. You decide.

250 grams white rice
1 liter milk
A pinch of salt
4 eggs
4 table spoons sugar
1 tea spoon vanilla

Put the rice and milk in a saucepan, season with salt and cook until soft. This may take approximately 25 minutes. Be careful that you don't burn the rice, stir occasionally. When cooked, set aside and let cool.
Now separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. Put the yolks in a big bowl and add the vanilla and sugar. Beat until fluffy. In another medium sized bowl whisk the egg whites until stiff. Now put the cooked rice to the sugar, yolk and vanilla mixture. Mix well. Next, carefully mix the egg whites to the rice. You have to make sure, that you don't over mix or you'll get a liquid mess. The mixture should be light and fluffy. Pour in a greased, round pan and bake on 180°C, for 25 minutes. When baked, remove from the oven and let sit for five minutes, then sprinkle some icing sugar on top.


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