Sunday, October 7, 2012

Grandma's Easy Bars

This recipe is a family classic. No scale is required, you just take a coffee mug (mine holds about 1,5 deciliter) and put every single thing in a bowl. It's an easy, no fuss dessert when you have little time to please your guests. I like to bake these bars because they're so quickly done - just mix everything up and put in the oven, forget about it for a few minutes and slice them up.
They disappear really quick too! The softness and the delicious smell of these will make your mouth water. I wish I could show you how amazing they smell fresh from the oven. Unfortunately, you'll have to bake them and see for yourself how great they are.

2 coffee mugs flour, combined with 2 table spoons baking powder
1 cup yogurt of choice (I used a peach flavored one)
2 coffee mugs sugar
2 coffee mugs walnuts, finely grind
2 coffee mugs milk
1 coffee mug oil or margarine or butter
4 eggs
1 coffee mug dark chocolate, grated

Put everything, one by one, in a big bowl, mix carefully and slow, but make sure there are no lumps. The batter should be smooth and silky. Pour the batter in a greased pan and bake for 30 minutes on 180°C. When baked let cool and slice into bars. Enjoy.

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