Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cologne Diary No. 4 - The Chocolate Edition

This is a special edition of the Cologne diary because I want to show you some pictures from the local chocolate factory. It is a chocolate museum and you can see how chocolate is made and where the cocoa comes from, etc. It is really interesting and you can also buy the chocolate in their store at the end, as well as taste some chocolate goodies in their cafeteria.

The chocolate fountain with a magnificent view.

That's what you get when you enter the museum.

Slovenians eat 6,55 kg chocolate per year; that is place 4 from all countries around the globe.

The lady offers free waffles dipped in the chocolate fountain. 

The glorious double chocolate cake; dark and white chocolate mousse with a chocolate sponge.


  1. mmmm ta tazadnja tortica igleda res dobro! :D Kje pa je ta tovarna čokolade?

    1. To je v Kölnu, v starem mestnem jedru točno ob reki Rhein.

  2. Da smo na četrtem mestu po tem koliko čokolade pojemo,pa si res nisem mislila :D!
    No,lepo...potem pa smo pravi sladkosnedi :)...


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